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So far, during the past 4 years, FRIENDS OF SUFFERING HUMANITY has rescued as many as 53 girls, most of whom are minors, through its continuous and well planned operations against human trafficking.
It is unfortunate but important to tell you that the very persons, who are supposed to protect our women and children, are guilty of selling the minors, for the purpose of prostitution, and also using them for pornography.

Though the rescue operations are a bit tough, FRIENDS OF SUFFERING HUMANITY is able to manage these operations because of several reasons. The most important factors are police informants, reformed traffickers, and transport drivers.

Active involvement in the development of the victim's of prostitution is not only difficult but also dangerous. Unless one has substantial field experience, and builds a strong rapport with the sexually exploited women, as well as the powers operating the trafficking networks, it is impossible to trace the networks.

The trafficking and other criminal networks are interconnected, vigilant and work from grass roots to the international level. They operate in a wily and highly sophisticated manner. Hence in rescue programmes, their lacunas have to be identified, and tackled by concentrating on our strengths.

It is also important to do sincere groundwork on the basis of the given information. Different strategies have to be planned according to the situation. The police and the press should be well informed.

Documenting evidence on paper, audio-video etc. plays a vital role in deciding the fate of a rescue operation. A socially committed, courageous, well-planned and disciplined group can become successful rescuers. Constant interaction with the victims in a non-judgmental way at their own pace, helps to cement a strong bond.

It is essential to evoke in the victims a sense of belonging and help them get over their feelings of helpless rage and re-discover the precious feeling of trust. Putting together the pieces of brutalized lives requires an immense amount of patience and loads of love and piles of money.

Lack of understanding of the issue, lack of public awareness, stigma attached to the exploited women and children, lack of emotional involvement of government and non-governmental agencies etc. creates hell for the victims on the street.

Though the victim is ready, the society does not permit her to re-enter society.  It also happens that in many cases the police have suspected and humiliated the rehabilitated victims, and in turn once again pushed them back to flesh trade.

Continuous follow-up action, emotional and economic support, are the first steps to rehabilitation. The police, NGOs and the government will have to put their heart in supporting the exploited victim who needs a place to stay and emotional support. If it is done, rehabilitation will not be a big problem.

Another 22 girls who have gotten married are also doing well. These marriages were also possible because of our emotional involvement and the personal attachment with the survivors.

In 2005, FRIENDS OF SUFFERING HUMANITY started the construction of a rescue home to rehabilitate and reintegrate trafficked victims. Three girls have been reintegrated to main stream community life again.
The rescued girls are treated as normal girls with extra care. There is a continuous
health check-up and counseling programme. Different programmes such as; meditation, cultural programmes, recreation, group works, skill training, and more than these -- treating them all equal and keeping the girls happy.

After a rescue operation, the minor girls need a healthy environment to stay (a trauma care centre or a rescue home). She is at her choice to stay for any period of time until she is fully recovered. Within that span of time, the people who are involved in the developmental process have to evolve a scientific and realistic mode of rehabilitation and to reintegrate the victim with her family.

[Material written and edited by Omar Mahamoud and Friends of Suffering Humanity.]

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